JRPG 3D Studio Development Is Initialized

When i was browsing through the web, i found some interesting projects that inspired me.

Some game engines are free, but commonly requires the developer to code.

Coding is not that difficult, but the idea of "no coding required" should be applied to those engines.

But it's not enough.

When it comes to "no coding required" game engine, the game developers are still need some kind of how the game works.

And that's not easy enough to get your game released in 2 weeks.

My expectation for game engine that requires no coding is to get the game developers job done in less than 2 weeks.

Why two weeks?

Because it's the duration where the passion can hold.

Once we lose our passion in game development, our uncompleted idea soon will be abandoned.

So, the solution is: Make a genre specific game engine to enable the game developers to finish their game development in less than 2 weeks.

That's why JRPG 3D Studio project is started.

We will post our updates in this blog.

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